Our Roots

Zeotropic was born from the idea of creating a healthy, handy and tasty snack, which naturally contains vitamins and minerals, without using additives nor preservatives. At the same time, our main focus is to promote organic/biodynamic and sustainable farming while reducing waste and keeping our footprint to a globally neutral and even beneficial level.

“Dried” or “dehydrated” doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. At least this is what we observed and found out after many years of researches and in-depth analysis. Most snacks, like dried fruits, nuts and seeds are stacked with added sugars, fats and salt, and during the conventional drying processes, a big part of the “healthy” properties are lost.

After years spent examining and testing traditional drying methods and the primary oxidative factors linked to these, we created and patented the antioxidative cold dehydration technology. We called it ZEODRY®.

Traditional drying methods (sun drying, Oven drying, vacuum drying, Freeze drying) are designed and used to remove water as fast and cheaply as possible, without paying attention to a number of aspects. Our innovative ZEODRY® method is able to exclude the primary oxidative factors and allows us to remove the fruit’s moisture below 30 °C / 86 °F while preserving the natural and authentic taste, color and, even more importantly and completely, the healthy properties such as vitamins and minerals. The process is even reversible. In fact, you can rehydrate the fruit so it returns to its fresh state. This makes it the perfect ingredient for countless recipes.

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